Dark Leafy Greens - the super food of Superfoods

Dark Leafy Greens - the super food of Superfoods

A few years ago, I probably wouldn't have dreamed of saying this... but today kale is one of my favorite foods. The more I eat it, the more my body craves it. It's as if it didn't know what it was missing before! It's not surprising though; Kale is the superfood of superfoods. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, yet sadly it and its dark leafy green family are one of the #1 foods missing from the modern american diet.

Cooking with Coconut Oil: Never Been Easier

Cooking with Coconut Oil: Never Been Easier

I'm an avid fan of coconut oil. It tastes great and is inexpensive and easy to use. Plus, it's multi-purposeful. I use my coconut oil for cooking and baking, as lotion, as hair oil, as a base for homemade deodorants and in raw food preparation. My favorite trait of coconut oil is that it does not turn into a trans-fat when heated at high temperatures! This makes it ideal for frying and baking. In addition, coconut oil acts as an antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral. It is also very soothing to our body and skin.

Eat Kale Chips, Not Potato Chips

Ever heard of kale chips? Believe it or not, they're actually quite delicious and can satisfy a craving for crunchy potato chips like a champ. When I was first experimenting with my diet, I didn't believe they were good until I tried them, but now I love them! I provided a recipe for you below. It only takes 15 minutes and is very easy so now's your chance to stop thinking about eliminating junk food snacks (like potato chips) from your diet and to really do it.

Eat Old Fashioned Oatmeal, not Instant Oatmeal

Eat Old Fashioned Oatmeal, not Instant Oatmeal

I used to be an instant oatmeal eater. It was convenient: rip it open, pour it into a bowl, add some liquid, microwave and ta-da! breakfast is ready all under 2 minutes. Then I learned how to make swiss muesli using old fashioned oats and my life was changed. It's just as fast and easy, but it tastes 100 times better! It keeps me full longer so I'm not starving before lunch and I can add a large amount of super foods to it to boost my health and body. I'm telling you, it's the bomb.

How to Make Sun Brewed Tea

Spring and summer are the best times for cold, refreshing iced tea, but who wants to stand over a stove to heat up steeping water when it’s hot outside? Option #2: make sun tea! The sun does the work for you and it’s super simple.

1. Find a glass jar that’s big enough to make enough tea for you (quart to a half gallon to a gallon!). Fill th container up to an inch from its top with cool water. Any glass vessel will do as long as the bottle’s neck is wide enough to admit tea bags and the glass is clear.

2. Add your tea bags. Use two if you’re making a quart and 5 if you’re making a half gallon. Hang them inside the water. Cap the jug tightly, letting the lid hold your bags in place. If you’re using loose leaf tea, just use an equal amount.

3. Place the tea jar outside in direct sunlight. Take a peek at it every hour to make sure it’s not in the shade and that nothing has happened to it.

4. After 2-3 hours of direct sun, it’s ready! Enjoy or store in the fridge for later.


This process works because the water in the glass absorbs the sun’s radiant heat. Then this closed glass “heat collector” starts brewing the tea bags and seeps them into the water.

If you want to get creative, substitute tea bags for orange slices or sassafras bark, mint leaves, dried lemon or orange rind, cinnamon, or any savory invention!

You might find that this way of brewing tea, using the heat of the sun, gives your “sunshine tea” a much smoother and less bitter taste than that a tea pot.  Let the sun brew it!