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Looking for easy healthy whole food recipes? Download my favorite collection of simple, 20 minute or less nourishing and delicious recipes. This cookbook is a collection of, and after months of photo taking, food testing (hard job, I know) and layout design, it is FINALLY ready!

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Do you prefer hard copy cookbooks and not e-cookbooks? No worries, the layout is so nice, it will look gorgeous when you print it from your home printer. 

Recipes included are mainly vegetarian/vegan, there are drinks, desserts snack and entrees, and everything is designed to be healthy and easy. If you don't know how to cook, you'll be able to use this book!

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Dark Leafy Greens - the super food of Superfoods

Dark Leafy Greens - the super food of Superfoods

A few years ago, I probably wouldn't have dreamed of saying this... but today kale is one of my favorite foods. The more I eat it, the more my body craves it. It's as if it didn't know what it was missing before! It's not surprising though; Kale is the superfood of superfoods. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, yet sadly it and its dark leafy green family are one of the #1 foods missing from the modern american diet.