7 Signs you NEED a Massage

1. You haven’t had one for months (or even years)

Massage works best when it is received on a regular basis. As a massage therapist, I/we recommend having at least one a month for maintenance and more often if you have a particular concern.

2. You are athletic

Racing, biking, hiking, kayaking, water skiing, and anything else you can squeeze into life... When you challenge your body physically, they need rest and rejuvenation as well. Massage keeps you active, injury free and moving beyond your current physical limitations.

3. You have a pain in the neck (and no I don't mean a family member or pet) or elsewhere

Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you that something is wrong. The busier we get, the more we tend to ignore our body’s signals. When they are ignored, they get worse. If you have trouble sleeping, walking, sitting or performing any daily function due to pain or discomfort, this is NOT normal! Massage therapy will help.

4. You have headaches

When the muscles around your shoulders, back, and head get tight, tension headaches begin. Regular massage relieves these muscles and headaches and also helps promote healthy posture. Massage therapy has been known to help with migraine headaches as well.

5. You don't have full range of motion

Maybe you can’t turn your head as far as you once could or lift your arm all the way up. Maybe you haven’t been able to touch your toes for a while. Massage can help restrictions become memories.

6. You don't get enough sleep:

It is amazing how many of my massage clients answer that they sleep ‘poorly’ on their massage intake forms. Sleep is incredibly important! We recover and heal when we sleepMassage therapy helps promote healthy sleep habits through by promoting relaxation.

7. You are stressed out

Let’s face it, most of us have a little more stress in our lives than what is probably healthy. One of the best ways to decrease levels of stress hormones and increase levels of endorphins is to get a massage. Massage therapy starts working immediately to help you relax.

So, are you ready to relax? 

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How to Get FUZZ Out of your Muscles

How to Get FUZZ Out of your Muscles

I’m a massage therapist- I love this kind of stuff! Call it geeky, but this seriously relates to our everyday health and happiness. Movement and massage (which moves the body with the client doing nothing but relaxing -um, wow-) maintain the health of our entire body.