Making Your Own Soy Milk

Making your own soy milk is fun and easy! If you have soy beans, this is one of the best options for them, as cooking them takes forever. When you make your own soy milk, you avoid added sugars, salts, flavors, guar gum, etc and get the real, wholesome stuff. Plus, you save quite a bit of money! FYI: I prefer homemade rice milk over soy because soy beans are hard to digest and can have negative affect on our hormone health and thyroid function. But if you have soy beans that need used, here's a great way ~

First, soak your uncooked soy beans in water for 12 to 24 hours. Rinse off the water when they're finished soaking. Soak them on the counter or in the fridge. If you allow them to soak longer than 24 hours, refrigerate them.

You will need a strainer, a blender, cheese cloth, two big bowls, a spoon and a smile!

Put your soy beans (in small increments) into the blender and add double the amount of water over them.

Blend until creamy.

Prepare your cheese cloth over your big bowl. I have two layers of cheese cloth here.

Pour your blended soy beans into the cheese cloth. You may need to do this in small increments as well.

Using your hands, squeeze all the liquid through the cheese cloth and into the bowl. You may need to really squish it between your fists.

Once you have squeezed all the liquid out, you can pour a little hot water over the dry bean left inside the cheese cloth and squeeze them again to get a bit more soy milk from the beans. Be careful not to make it too watery!




Save this dry part- it makes delicious veggie burgers!! Here's the recipe.





Continue this process of blending your beans in the blender and squeezing them through the cheese cloth until you've used up your soy beans. Your soy milk should be white and frothy. Taste it- it's yummy! You can add healthy sweeteners like maple syrup, honey or vanilla or add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate. Yum! You can drink it as is, or if you'd like, cook it on the stove with whatever you've decided to add to it so the flavors blend.



And that's that! You've made soy milk. Easy as pie. Hey! That's a great idea! Use your homemade soy milk to make a vegan pie. Maybe pumpkin...mmmmm