Vision Board Party!!!

vision board party

Have a Holiday vision board party before the end of the year!!!

Get clear on your goals for the New Year in a FUN, STRESS FREE WAY!

It's one of the best excuses for a party! Make some delicious appetizers and tasty drinks for your friends. You can have it potluck style and everyone brings their favorite dish. 

Have you ever made a vision board?

A vision board is a collage that is full of things you desire. The idea is that what we see and what we think about, we create more of. This is based on the law of attraction which basically means that we get delivered what we think about so we better think about good things that we desire!

Your vision board can be made with anything that makes you happy. It can have pictures of places you want to go to, things you want to acquire, people in your life, those you want to meet, and even pictures of people that inspire you. Whatever! Go wild!

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and write down what you want. Hand write specific goals that you envision for your career, love life, marriage, school, health and wealth – all aspects of your life. If you are not sure yet, then write down all of the things that you believe will make you happy. For example, you can write about dream vacations, meeting great people, eating delicious food, etc. The sky’s your limit, and your personal power lies in your belief and emotional connection. You will use this list to get ideas and create your vision board.

Step 2: Prepare all the materials you need to make your Vision Board/s. Scissors, magazines, photos, glue, cork/card board or what ever you want to use as a surface.  Remember, you can use the internet/magazines/books to find pictures to use or hand draw. Have all your guest bring extra supplies: Their own poster board, extra magazines from home, scissors and glue.  

Step 3: Paste/pin all the pictures, sayings, quotes, or what ever you have prepared. Use images and ideas that signify your “what you want” list. Put them in order of importance, or any other way you want to see them on your board. At the center you might even place a picture of yourself with a big smile so you will remember to smile when you see your board. Remember that you are not just putting up pictures, you are finding ways to create a different emotional state to attract more of that feeling!

Step 4: Place your board/s in places that you will be able to see them everyday. Give yourself at least a minute (five minutes is better) each day to look at your board and find your attitude of gratitude. Imagine you have already acquired everything on your board. Close your eyes and visualize yourself clearly as the happy, grateful person that you want to be.

The more you feel, the more you receive. Your thoughts are propelled into action with desire and emotion. The fastest way to acquire the things on your vision board(s) is to visualize, be grateful, be happy and take advantage of the opportunities you have every day. 

Have fun making different Vision Boards:

 Vision board for specific goals:
This is good if you know exactly what you want to happen in your life. This board will serve as your guide in your journey towards achieving your dreams. Be very specific in using pictures and other props so that you can truly feel the feelings of gratitude even by just looking at your board.

Theme Board:
This is good for creating specific things on a specific date on the specific time for a specific occasion. I.e. creating the perfect valentines day, the perfect trip, the best birthday party ever, etc.

Inspiration Boards
From the word itself, this type of vision board is for those who are not yet sure of what it is they truly want in their future. They just know that they want to be happy.  Include things that you know will keep you inspired and happy about being alive. Put pictures of your family, closest friends, all those happy memories, cherished small memorabilia, or even cut outs of certain inspirational stories. You can also include favorite words, affirmations or your favorite quotes of all the successful and happy people you know.

Have multiple vision boards creates multiple reminders to focus on your desires. You can’t have too many! Put them in your office, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. You can take a picture of a board and use that as a screen saver on your computer, tablet or cell phone. No matter how busy you are, you will be able to look at your board and remind yourself of what makes you feel inspiration and gratitude.

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Year filled with endless blessings!!!



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