Phoebe has a truly remarkable talent for empowering people to identify and overcome their physical, mental, and emotional limitations and to experience immediate wellness and gratitude. I am a happier and healthier person every time I participate in her workouts.

The combination of Phoebe’s professional training with her natural intuition and genuine dedication to overall health makes her an exceptional healer. I highly recommend Phoebe as a massage therapist and health coach.
— Esther P, Tucson
While working with Phoebe, I achieved amazing health goals: I lost weight, felt healthier and more energized, and opened my mind to so many new foods and healthy routines. My change in weight was the biggest tangible change. I went from 132 to 120! Working toward these goals in a group class setting was also super helpful because I had the support of a small group of people that were all trying to make better choices like me. Phoebe is a wonderful, positive and inspiring person. She is so easy to talk to and is genuinely concerned with helping each of her students achieve optimum health holistically. Between her nutrition teachings and her instruction in fitness, I have grown and changed for the better.
— Bianca M, San Franciso
Working with Phoebe is definitely one of the best decisions that I have made. A life changing decision. She is awesome. Her joy of living well is addictive and makes you want to be healthy. She covers all aspects of healthy living, from working out, eating right and mental well-being. I enjoy Phoebes coaching style, she is very hands on and is not afraid to push you, however, you will be having so much fun that you won’t realize how hard you are working. Thank you Phoebe!
— Steve W, Tucson
Phoebe presented me with different ways of eating and vast information about nutrition and natural healing that helped me get rid of acne and find a way of eating that’s perfect for my body. My skin is finally glowing; I can see a big change! On top of that, I feel more energized and no longer have fatigue in the afternoons. My doctor had also diagnosed me with colitis and I was suffering from daily bloating. That too is now completely gone! I feel way more comfortable and confident in my kitchen and more confident about my health and wellness. Plus, her cooking lessons rock! I lost body fat without loosing weight and became more toned and lean. I know how to make healthy choices now when I eat out. Phoebe is inspiring, full of life and is a life changer. She helped me feel excited and comfortable trying new things and has had a profound, positive impact on my life. I love this new lifestyle and the journey has been amazing. I feel amazing! My body has thanked me big time!
— Maria O, Tucson
I was preparing for a trip to the base camp of Mount Everest. Phoebe was a wealth of information and really helped me become a significantly healthier mind, body and in spirit. I am truly grateful to Phoebe for all of the help she has given me and also for the motivation she provided me with moving forward. I would highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who is looking to get their nutrition and health on the right track!
— Cody M, Florida
I have been taking yoga classes from Phoebe for well over a year now and she is incredible. She is great at teaching all levels from beginner to advanced. I have ended up in poses I never thought possible because she pushes me to try just a little harder and with a smile on my face. I have also had massage with her and she has a unique way of touching muscles. I am healthier because of her!
— Audel L, Tucson