Give your abs a lovely toning sensation in this quick full core workout with Phoebe Jenkins, Fitness/Yoga instructor, Health Coach, & LMT.

Fitness & Yoga Classes

I offer fitness and yoga classes online and in-person so you can Train anytime, anywhere.

Sticking to a routine and maintaining form can be challenging. Have you ever wondered if your alignment is correct or desired a more challenging workout to target specific body parts? Check out my online fitness programs or schedule a class with me

As a certified Personal Trainer and E-RYT yoga teacher, I offer group and private fitness and yoga classes designed to radically improve your health and help you tone, center and prevent injury. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. 

To schedule a group or private fitness or yoga session, or for inquires on classes or special events, please contact me.

IntenSati Fitness Classes

it's like yoga meets kickboxing, but so much more...

I am a certified IntenSati Leader through SatiLife. IntenSati is a practice for your body, heart and mind, that radically combines aerobics, yoga, martial arts and endurance principles with positive affirmations to create a workout which is empowering both physically and mentally. Based on the teachings of mindfulness, positive psychology and the law of attraction, it is a program that trains you inside and out so that you have the willpower, courage, grace, passion, discipline and awareness to live a life you love in a body you love by the constant practice of choosing how to move, think and be.

It is not a program for everyone but for anyone who is ready to train body, heart and mind, with passion.

This class will train you to be the change, physically and mentally. Be prepared to burn up to 800 calories with high impact cardio, martial arts, dance, yoga and strength training. Not only that, you will also shout specific positive affirmation phases out loud during class to keep yourself motivated, train your lungs, and empower yourself to choose thoughts that inspire you to do your best. 

I avidly enjoy IntenSati classes with Phoebe. I initially found that the classes just gave me physical conditioning that I was unable to find by other means, and was surprised that movement that was so accessible to any level of experience could provide such an effective work out. But as I practiced intensati over the course of a few months, I also experienced an emotional transformation. Intensati pushed me to take control of my thoughts, my emotions, and my life. Intensati has truly made a difference in my mental health and allowed me to conjure strength that I would not have otherwise discovered. The classes are, in a word, empowering, and will lead you to living a life that you truly love. I recommend intensati with utmost enthusiasm to anyone interested in making a positive change in their life.
— -Allie Dorsch, Illustrator and Now a Certified IntenSati Leader! FL

IntenSati Flash Mob in Sarasota led by the buoyant Phoebe Jenkins.