Sprouted Quinoa

So easy and quite delicious! Sprouted foods have a higher nutritional value than cooked or raw foods. They are good for increasing your energy, alkalizing your body, added fiber, B and C vitamins, increasing your oxygen intake (they contain lots of oxygen), improving your skin and getting essential fatty acids.

Here's a fun, easy way to make them:
Take 1/2 to 1 cup of quinoa and rinse it with water for a couple of minutes.
Put the rinsed quinoa into a glass jar container and cover with filtered water.
Make sure there is lots of water above the quinoa as they must be underwater.
After 2  to 6 hours, drain the quinoa of the water. It helps to have a sprout lid for this step, but if you don't it's really easy to make one by punching small holes into the lid of a mason jar with a nail. For the next 24 to 48 hours, rise and drain your quinoa every few hours until it sprouts and grows a long tail, like the photo shown above. When you are ready for them to stop growing, place the jar in the fridge.

How to eat:
Preferably, you'll eat them raw to get the benefit.
Try them with almond milk, dried fruit and nuts, in smoothies, on salads or in veggie wraps. YUM!