Mushroom Pizza Pockets


That moment when you come home after a long day and dinner is made for you...and it's healthy and delicious at that (don't get me wrong. I've embarrassingly had fries for dinner in my life). 

These Mushroom Pizza Pockets are the perfect hearty yet clean meal for a tough week.


You will need: 

-Mushrooms (duh). Big ones! Portabella or shiitake work best. I used shiitake because they kickass.  

-Veggie toppings. I used chard and tomato then garnished with raw jalepeños and cilantro. 

-Cheese. Totally optional. I used a raw goat cheese.  

To make:  

Put mushrooms on big cookie sheet and talk like Cookie Monster while doing so. Top with desired veggies. Bake until everything looks cooked. Then remove from the stove and top with grated cheese if you're going for the dairy. Put them back in the oven for about 2 more minutes. Remember, a watched pot never boils. Remove from the oven (for good this time) and top with desired toppings. Eat, slurp, get seconds. Enjoy!