How to Make Water More Exciting


I’m a water drinker – it’s my drink of choice (and when out on the town on a weekend night, well hey, I’m a lot of fun on water!). If I don’t drink enough water I feel tired, my muscle get stiff and I feel foggy brained.

As much as I love water, it can get boring. Plus, I have friends who don’t like the taste of water (this totally mystifies me!). 

Here’s some ways to spice up your water and make it more exciting so hopefully you drink more of it. :) 
Check out this video on how drying out and aging are related.


1. Add chopped fruit, fresh or frozen, and berries, lime or lemon,

2. Add chopped cucumber

3. Add chopped mint or lemon balm, or fresh chopped ginger,

4. Make flavored frozen ice cubes (ice cubes frozen with juice or fruit)

5. Add chia seeds, green powder, fulvic acid or emergenC,

6. Add a dash of coconut water or kombucha

7. Drink it out of different types of glasses – plastic, glass, metal, etc, and different shapes too!

8. Drink it at different temperatures.

Then drink up! 

How do you like to enhance your water? What fun flavors have you tried?