How to Get Fit Without Even Realizing it

Recently I wrote an article for Tucson Model Magazine on How to Get Fit Without Even Realizing it. As a fitness instructor, yoga teacher and health coach, I often have people ask me how I make my workouts fun and stick with them.

My secret? I don’t workout.

Honestly. Instead, what I do is have fun and get fit while doing it! Being healthy and fit is not meant to be a chore or a nuisance and it definitely doesn’t have to be tough to maintain. There are many ways to be healthy and fit with ease.

Below are my top 12 non-workout “workouts” that will leave you sweaty, shining and smiling. While doing these, you’ll get fit without even realizing it!

  1. Flex and Phone: While chatting away on the phone, get moving! Don’t do anything that will get you out of breath or make it obviously you’re working out while on the phone. Instead try wall sits, simple stretching, squats or gentle walking. Speaker phone is a huge plus for this!
  2. Race: Going or leaving somewhere? Park far away and race whomever you’re with to and from the car. People might think you look silly, but they’ll also think you look hot once you’re fit from all that running.
  3. Try the Technology: These days there is an app and game for everything and fitness technology has many great options. The app “Cruise CTRL” times your playlist to your footsteps, “Exergaming” requires players to move their bodies as part of game-play, and “FitStar Personal Trainer” tailors workouts directly for you.
  4. 4. Give Groups a Chance: Group fitness has come a long way since neon spandex and sweat bands. The options are endless: paddle board yoga, zumba, weights, hula hooping, indoor surfing, swing dance, martial arts, ariel arts and more. There is something for everyone! And working out with others always makes everything more fun.
  5. Get outside: Fresh air, and sunshine (or rain) do a body good. Changing the scene can make everything more exciting and energizing. Try biking or walking rather than driving, playing with your kids in the park or climbing on stuff like trees, the playground, or fallen logs.
  6. Bust out the Brains: I have fun studying spanish and listening to books on tape and interesting podcast. While doing so, I workout! Imagine if every workout could double as a study session- it can!
  7. Have a pillow fight or arm wrestle: Arm wrestle using both arms and as many times as you can. Your arms will get a workout and your mouth might too from laughing. If you want more full body fitness, try having a pillow fight. Run around the house and make it good cardio too. Depending who you pillow fight, it may lead to #8….
  8. You Know: That thing that couples do? Do more of that. There are many moves partners can do together to be fit and burn some calories. Need I say more?
  9. Clean Machine: After all that pillow fighting and #8’ing, the house might be a mess. This means another great way to get fit! Set a timer (oven or cell-phone) or put on your favorite song. See how much you can clean and tidy before the song is over or the timer goes off. Be fast! Run from room to room and sweep like a cleaning machine! While you’re at it, do some counter-top push ups. Every time you go in the bathroom or kitchen, do a few push ups against with your hands on the counter and your body in plank.
  10. Stop Meeting for Coffee: Instead of meeting for a coffee or drink, meet up for a walk, jog, to toss a frisbee, or take a new movement class together. You’ll save money, have fun and get fit!
  11. Be a Kid Again: Never stop playing! Remember those games you used to love, like freeze tag or capture the flag? Get some friends over and play them again! If you don’t get fit from running around, you’ll definitely get an ab workout from all the laughing. While you’re at it, be creative and play on a playground (preferably when there aren’t tons of kids around or with your own kids. Don’t look like a creep.) or do some somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, or pretend your spiderman/woman and run around jumping from bench to bench. People will wish they could have as much fun as you.
  12. Be overly helpful: Help out as much as you can. Carry wood, mow the lawn, trim the trees, pull a sled, carry water gallons, rearrange furniture, help others move, push a broken down car…the list is endless. Being active and helping out is a great way to stay in shape. Plus, you might get a great thank you from it!

Have fun getting fit without even realizing it! Life is short and each day is a blessing. A shift in our attitude is the first step to being healthy and fit. Look at every opportunity as a chance to do good for yourself and your body and enjoy life at the same time. When it comes to fitness, stop saying “I don’t have time” or “I can’t afford it” and realize you can do anything to which you set your mind. Instead, get a buddy to join you so you’re held accountable, pay for things in advance so you’re already committed and start saying yes before you say no. Keep your music playlists updated and upbeat and don’t do any workouts you hate! There are so many ways to workout and have fun so be willing to find a way you love and that you want to keep doing. Go easy on yourself in the beginning and don’t start a new routine with a marathon. Remember that 10 minutes a day is better than none and every little bit always counts. Stop waiting for Monday to start (or start again) and be the successful you now, with pride. Stop worrying about being perfect during a fitness class or a workout and instead have fun, be grateful for the positive shift you’re creating in your body and focus on what your body can do rather than how it looks. Putting up a vision board of inspiring photos and quotes that you see daily is a great way to stay motivated and remember that you’re awesome and deserve to live a life you love in a body you love.